We are the superhero.

Happy Monday, Opti-Fam!  😄

This is your weekly reminder that you are a multi-faceted human being–and whether you are patient-facing or behind the scenes in the lab–the work you do at your job is just one of those facets.  Sometimes we try to stuff all our self worth eggs in one basket and don’t realize how overwhelmed and exhausted we become.

Don’t forget it’s okay to take a step back and rely on your team, your peers, your confrère optique.  Everyone has a slightly different perspective on things, so you never know what you can learn from a different point of view.  It doesn’t make you any less strong or competent; it just shows how we’re #bettertogether.  ❤️

Have a great work week, and see ya’ll tomorrow night for the Nerd Session with Phernell Walker, MBA, ABOM! 😀

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