Myopia Awareness Week

👁 Welcome to Myopia Awareness Week! 👁

The week of May 13-19 has been designated as Myopia Awareness Week 2024, a global event that aims to raise awareness about juvenile-onset myopia and encourage eyecare professionals to take necessary actions. Myopia is a common cause of correctable vision loss, with uncorrected myopia remaining the leading cause of distance vision impairment globally.

Myopia is growing around the world, with a recent study estimating that on average, 30 percent of the world is currently myopic, and by 2050 almost 50 percent (5 billion people) will be myopic, according to the International Myopia Institute. Myopia prevalence is also rising in the U.S., with a reported prevalence of 42 percent, a number that has almost doubled in three decades.

The Opticians Association of Pennsylvania, along with eye care professionals worldwide, are doing their part this week to educate their members and viewers about the risk factors, treatments, and interventions of myopia.

Stay tuned for more!

And thank you to the International Myopia Institute and American Optometric Association for the graphic and info!