Discussion Post!

📋✏️ Discussion time, Opti-Nerds! 📣💭

Hi, it’s me, your Friendly Neighborhood Meme-Lordess. This came up several times at my optical the last two days, so I want to hear YOUR expert recommendations!

If a patient wants you to give them the best “all purpose” sun lens, what is your go-to recommendation?

🌞Polarized Grey vs Brown? Why don’t we do more Green?

🌞 With or without backside anti-reflective coating?

🌞 Photochromics?

🌞 Just a tint?

🌞 Maybe a gradient?

🌞 Are you more technical or fashion-forward when explaining options to your patients?

🌞 If you could build your ultimate sunglass, what would it be?

👇 Drop your answers in the comments below and let’s get ready for those second-pair sunny sales! 😎



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