A little bit about our organization.

Opticians Association of Pennsylvania (OAP) was formed in 2023 for one simple reason: because we’re better together. 

An optician takes refraction data on a piece of paper from a doctor, and uses that paper to build tools that help human vision meet its maximum potential. It happens in so many unique ways. When opticians connect with one another, something magical happens. We learn from one another. We share ideas and tips and tricks. We meet new people that share the same goals, but view them with different perspectives. When opticians are able to connect with one another, it’s just better. Better for our patients and better for our profession.

That’s why we’re here. Join today, and let’s grow together.

Our Vision

What we as an organization see for opticians in Pennsylvania.

To connect and inspire professional opticians statewide and nationwide, we will continue to shape opticianry’s role so it remains indispensable in an evolving industry.

Our Mission

What we as an organization are on a mission to accomplish.

Opticians Association of Pennsylvania believes the professional optician’s role as a craftsman is indispensable in the eyecare and eyewear delivery system. We strive to empower our members by providing them with a platform for connection opportunities and professional development.


The OAP is registered as a 501c6 tax exempt trade association with the IRS. As such we exist to improve business conditions for and promote the common interests of our members.